Social Media Fragmentation Blog #6

This week I am going to focus talking about Media fragmentation relating to this article 6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013: New Research.

What is media fragmentation? Well it describes a trend to increasing choice and consumption of a range of media in terms of different channels such as web and mobile and also within channels, for example more TV channels, radio stations, magazines.

Social media Fragmentation is using social media as a way of reaching and advertising to reach consumption level. Where did all this start ?

Can you think back 10 years back, back to 2013. Can you recall what you did in your spare time?

As a business person can you recall one of the biggest trending strategies businesses used back then? If not 10 years think back 5 years when social media started peaking and building its way up in popularity. No one would have thought it could be a long lasting trend especially when in involved maximizing your business profits just by being social online and interacting,

My blog this week will be focusing on how much we, as a person and also businesses have changed due to social media.

Internet business such as Vodafone and telecom are making billions due to increase the use of social media. Since social media sites launched, people have become so addictive that they have the need to be on it every minute to an hour to even a whole day. 10 years back no one would have stayed glued in front of their computer on Facebook, they would be occupied with other things. Before people hardly had 3g mobile phones that could access internet from everywhere.

Mobile phone companies and internet companies have built their product and service built around the trend of media fragmentation. They have hit the right spot in delivering what consumers want.

Not only those businesses but as you all know every business are keeping up with it just to get customers attention and interest. Most importantly provide time consuming and less hassle customer service.

Here is a bar graph of the difference of social media fragmentation compared from 2003 to 2013 which I pulled out from the article.

Discover 6 key digital trends with a significant impact on your engagement strategies and what you need to know to maximize value for your brand.

The graph is self explanatory, pretty much sums up what I have mentioned earlier.

The purpose of my blog was not to share a marketing tip or anything about how businesses can do this or that to strategies. I have already have written blogs previously about that.

As my last blog, I was you guys to realize how much change has actually happened in few years. I can’t wait to see future advancement of social media and its media fragments.

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